The Story of Azivalcreations

By Joshua Starmer


The Inicial Idea

My inicial idea was to create a spiral bed side lamp shade from willow. To create the mold for the lamp shade I went out and bought some waste paper baskets and some plastic plant pots and went to work making my first moulds, which served as a support for the willow to grow around. 

This is how they turned out...


Moving Forward

After creating the small lamp molds I had ideas of creating something bigger. 
For this I would need another feild...


First Harvest and Planting Out

One of my neighbours (Mario de cima, Mario from up top, lol) kindly offered me a tree to harvest which I was pleased to accept. These willow tree cuttings would be used to make my chairs.


Chair Design, From The Workshop To The Field

Firstly, I had to desing a chair mold that the willow would be able to grow on, but at the end of the growing process, I would need to be able to remove the grown chair from the mold without harming it.
Secondly, I needed to covince my father that buying me a mig welder, for my 14th Birthday and Christmas present, was a good idea.


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